Horse Tales

Horse Tales

With years of experience in horses from the countless horses who have been stabled with us,  were born with us, our blog, Horse Tales, we will share our stories, knowledge and advice from old to new. If you have any suggestions or would like to send us an article, please let us know.

Training Advice

Getting Your Horse or Pony on the Right Routine

Whether it is an animal or a person, we all thrive better with routine. It helps us find our rhythm. Why? Routine cuts out worry on certain things that are essential for surviving, like where is my next meal coming from, where is a safe place to rest, where are the rest of my community […]

Our Weekly Exercise Routine

This is our weekly exercise routine for our horses since forever. Our horses never burn out over the season (we might) and their jumping improves from Spring to Fall, season to season. We do a lot of ground work and despite having showjumps and courses at our finger tips, we jump maybe once a week […]

Stable Management

Coming Soon!