Full & D.I.Y. Livery

Full & D.I.Y. Livery for both Horses & Ponies

We offer both full & D.I.Y livery for your horse or pony. Starting with full livery for the showjumpers that are owned by others, fully looked after by the groom and ridden plus competed on by Mark to a D.I.Y where your horse or pony gets fed and you do the rest. You will have full use of the outdoor arenas, indoor and turnout paddocks to exercise your horse/pony, access to the tack room and bedding. There is also parking for your horse-box, although parked at your own risk so please ensure it is secured sufficiently.

At the yard, we are flexible if you need something in between or your horse/pony needs a special diet, we can gladly work with you if we can.

The yard is very friendly and livery owners often share responsibilities for one another. There are lots of events at the centre if you don't wish to travel, you can always compete at home. We can recommend vets, farriers, etc which is also the responsibility of the D.I.Y. liveries. John Hawkshaw also has his tack shop on site which stocks all the bits and bobs you require for you and your horse, which might be a bit too handy sometimes! No responsibility is taken for addictions to the tack shop.